While I was at Arbor Manor for rehab after my knee replacement surgery I received excellent care from everyone I came in contact with. Everyone was friendly, respectful and always took the time to listen. From this experience I would highly recommend Arbor Manor to anyone!  – Susan Knickerbocker Read more »

I would personally like to thank the staff at Arbor Manor for the great care during my stay. All of the nurses, CNA’s, therapy, dietary, etc. – were great. Thank you all for the one-on-one care and your smiling faces all hours of the day. – Michael S. Cielen Read more »

Arbor Manor was most helpful in my rehabilitation progress. The staff was so encouraging. – Alice Auston Read more »

I felt relaxed while at Arbor Manor. The staff was so helpful and caring. – Leo Kul Read more »

The staff at Arbor Manor showed genuine concern for me and my progress. – Maurice Lefere Read more »

I was very pleased with the therapy at Arbor Manor. The staffs responsiveness was so helpful. – Margery Wilson. Read more »

I was so pleased with the therapy services I received at Arbor Manor. The staff is such a great bunch of people…kind, thorough and insistent but not pushy! – Dorothy Silince Read more »