Margery Wilson

I was very pleased with the therapy at Arbor Manor. The staffs responsiveness was so helpful.

Hazel Beasley

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Alice Auston

Arbor Manor was most helpful in my rehabilitation progress. The staff was so encouraging.

Dorothy Silince

I was so pleased with the therapy services I received at Arbor Manor. The staff is such a great bunch of people…kind, thorough and insistent but not pushy!

Leo Kul

I felt relaxed while at Arbor Manor. The staff was so helpful and caring.

Maurice Lefere

The staff at Arbor Manor showed genuine concern for me and my progress.

Susan Knickerbocker

While I was at Arbor Manor for rehab after my knee replacement surgery I received excellent care from everyone I came in contact with. Everyone was friendly, respectful and always took the time to listen. From this experience I would highly recommend Arbor Manor to anyone!

Eleanor Moore

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Michael S. Cielen

I would personally like to thank the staff at Arbor Manor for the great care during my stay. All of the nurses, CNA’s, therapy, dietary, etc. – were great. Thank you all for the one-on-one care and your smiling faces all hours of the day.

Mary Helen Isles

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