Frequently Asked Questions

Will my insurance cover rehabilitation at Arbor Manor Rehab?

Medicare does have a benefit under Part A. The following criteria does apply:

  1. Three midnight stay at a hospital under inpatient care (Observation does not count)
  2. Patient will require at least one of the following: Skilled nursing, Physical, Occupational, and/or Speech Therapy.
  3. Patient must also have available days. (See for more details)

How long will Medicare pay?

Medicare will pay the first 20 days at 100%.

  1. There is a co-pay of 167.50 per day for days 21 through 100, which may be covered by a secondary insurance.
  2. Beyond the 100th day there is no Medicare coverage under part A.

* This does not guarantee a 100 day covered stay; you must be medically eligible according to Medicare guidelines.

What if my primary insurance is not Medicare?

If your primary insurance is not Medicare, each case is assessed individually. We will be more than happy to contact your insurance company to see if they are willing to negotiate a contract.

How often can I except to receive therapy?

If there are not any medical reasons to prevent you from participating in therapy, we offer therapy up to seven days a week. Five days is the minimum. You could also receive therapy multiple times a day depending on your need.

Will I be with long-term care residents?

At Arbor Manor we have transformed our south wing into our rehab wing. All of the residents on that wing are there for rehab services. They all share a mutual goal and that goal is to “Get Well and Get Home.”

Who will be deciding when I am ready to go home?

This will be decided by your rehab team. Your rehab team will consist of staff from the departments of nursing, therapy, and dietary, along with a social worker and your physician. The physician makes the final decision if they feel you are safe to go home. YOU are also included in the rehab team.

During my stay, can I leave the building or have visitors?

Yes, we welcome your friends and family to visit as often as they would like. We have a nice rehab lounge with sofas, an outdoor courtyard, family rooms and a lobby area for your visitors’ comfort.

Also, as you become stronger, you may wish to leave the center for an outing. Many of our residents go out to dinner, attend family parties, church services, etc.

What should I expect at discharge?

At discharge, your doctor may order continued therapy at your home or want you to continue therapy at an outpatient clinic. A Social Worker will set up any ongoing services you may need, along with ordering any equipment recommended by your therapist. You will usually have a follow up appointment with your primary care physician two weeks after discharge. You will also be given further instructions at discharge.